August 27, 2011

Michael Dmitrik (Director): Basketball has been Michael’s passion since childhood. Currently, he teaches Physical Education at the Toronto French School. He is a certified NCCP coach with over 10 years of coaching experience at the Under 12, 14,16 and 20 levels in the C.I.S.A.A. league. He also coaches teams competing in AAU and OBA. He has worked closely with former NBA players and coaches at numerous camps. Michael has a B.A. of International Studies from York University and a B.A. of Education from Ottawa University. His goal is to advance basketball in Canada and to develop athletes’ skills at the grassroots level. Michael speaks fluently in English, French and Russian.

Current and former coaches include:

Matt Kokish (Player Development/Skills Coach), Maccabi Canada Men’s Basketball

Marlon Maclean (Player Development/Coach) Centennial College Men’s Basketball

Robyn Pearson (Coach/Instructor), Queen’s Women’s Basketball

Hernan Olaya (Personal Trainer/Coach)

O’Neil Halstead (Coach/Instructor), York University Men’s Basketball

O’Brian Wallace (Coach/Instructor) Professional basketball player, Dachau Spurs (Germany)

Paul Campbell (Coach/Instructor), Hawai University Men’s Basketball

Phil Jevtovic (Coach/Instructor), McGill University Men’s Basketball

Derya Tarhan (Coach/Instructor)

Luka Sevaljevic (Coach/Instructor), Mercersberg Prep Academy